Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Six years ago, I fell in love with a 61 inch dlp television,hd tuner,1080p,hdmi inputs,component inputs etc.
I had everything I needed from a tv. I am a tv tech and I have been working on tvs for a very long time and guess I will die working on them (I dont have a choice,I need to make a living.)
Its scary when you start finding out about some of the parts that are used to run these sets. For example, the color wheels could be noisy and wear over the years. The lamps in the other hand, have a life spam of almost   six to eight thousand hours, I have found some of them going out around 2500 hours and the price its actually more expensive.
The fan could cause alot of problems including shutting down the set. Dust is a major factor on these sets.  It may make a ghost image or shadow appear on the picture. If you are a technician or a dlp owner and have had previous work on your set due to one or more of these issues you will understand where I am coming from.
Lately alot of people are attempting to work on these sets..You know, "Do it yourself".. But what you do not realize that after replacing a color wheel you need to adjust the index delay or when replacing an optical engine you have to send data from the dmd board to the digital board.
And now the latest problems are with the white dots that are affecting many brands.
Many people might not know but dlp chips are made by one manufacturer (Texas instruments) and its used on many tvs, obiously its not the same part number but its the same chip. Pixels get stuck and they look like the stars at night when you are camping.  I still love the quality on my dlp and I have only replaced both the lamp and the color wheel once on this set.
Last but not least , I had the opportunity to compare a new 60 inch LCD tv next to my HLR model and needless to say that the quality and resolution was a whole lot better on my old dlp that I decided to keep it and return the other.
Samsung models affected with the white dots are the HLS AND HLT series. However, it is based on the manufactured date.The samsung part number are 4719-001981 and 4719-001997. The actual number on the chip are
1910-6143W and 1272-5003w.Prices on this parts vary from $130 to $220 depending where you get it from and also keep in mind that this parts have a CORE value of $50.00.
Mits  and Toshiba do not sell the ic as a sigle part,you would have to replace the optical engine and the price on these engines are very expensive running any where between $350 to $700 or more on the bigger models, also the Core value on these parts may be from $300 to $500.
I have repaired some of this Mitsubishi dlp televisions and Toshibas dlp tvs by replacing the dlp chip only.

I will be posting a blog on how to replace a dlp chip on a particular model from samsung and also why  dlp lamps are failing before time in some cases every Three to six months.